Human Psychology and Philosophy.

As i welcome you to my first blog, i would like to take chance and talk or describe about the human psychology and philosophy.

Human is the beautiful creature of god. So as too simple and complicated. Human psychology is all about the human behavior and mind. The mind who controls the body and the body which perform’s the task. The human mind is sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious phenomena. As per the research we found the human behavior: optimistic, pessimistic, trusting, & envious.

Speaking about further on human philosophy. Human philosophy study the fundamental of nature of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language. It say’s

The Fakir’s always throng the sea-shore. To find meaning in the chaos. And then too become melancholy. Feeling nothing but their naked toes.” – Avijeet Das

Written & Edited by: Pallavi Salve

Picture by: Vishakha Doke.

Instagram: the.epic.block Email:

The Ray of Light

If someday everything goes nasty & vicious and one tries to give up or quit. There is always a ray of light. The ray of light holds your bright fortune. It is crucial that one must keep the patience in darkness and wait for the ray of light.💡

A small hope can lend you the power by which a broken world shall occur into the light. Remember the darkness is everywhere and the ray of light emerged is not for faith. You just want one ray of light to hustle all the darkness.

So Rise above and Shine until you create your own sunshine or Ray of Light. Even the stars shine brighter in the darkness. 🌟

Picture & Written By: Pallavi salve

Instagram: fussy_me_09


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